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Radian® Business Winning Strategies

A Winning Strategy will provide your Business or Division with direction and the ability to translate budgets and forecasts into deliverable and measurable actions for your Team. A sustainable Business Winning Strategy will deliver the numbers but is also designed to retain your best clients and to grow the customer base. The Strategy needs to be sector specific and designed to maximise the return on the investment in your products, systems and services.

Some current business issues:

  • Businesses of all sizes are under pressure to deliver the numbers
  • Budgets are not strategies
  • Businesses have mission statements about customers but need a strategy to keep them focused on customers
  • Strategies need to come out of the Board Room and belong to the teams and individuals who can deliver
  • Strategies need to be measured and monitored
  • Strategies need to be implemented across the whole business with effective processes

Much more than a Budget or Business Plan

Radian Business Winning Strategies USP’s:

  • A strategy designed to deliver long term sustainable results
  • Designed to deliver ‘the numbers’ but focused on customers and the market place
  • A Twin Defensive and Creative Strategy designed to grow your customer base
  • Designed to create a responsive accountable team who understand individual and shared responsibilities
  • Performance management based strategy capable of delivering KPIs and performance targets
  • Individual accountability and recognition

Radian Business Winning Strategies™ - Features and Benefits

  • Delivering the numbers
    • Sets achievable revenue, gross margin, PBIT, cash and ROI targets
  • Focus on Customers
    • The customer is always right – but is it the right customer? Finding and retaining the right customers
  • Sector Driven Market
    • Understanding the culture, legislation and business drivers of your customers in each target sector
  • Measuring and Monitoring Progress
    • A performance management system delivering continuous improvement
  • Individual Accountability and Recognition
    • Designing SMARTER! Objectives for individuals and tea

We facilitate and run company specific Strategy and Strategic Review Workshops. We provide a flexible framework to develop Winning Strategies. We also run Review Workshops and help businesses to get back on track.

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