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Business Winners™ for the Professions

Consulting Engineers, Business Managers, Surveyors, Architects, Lawyers and Accountants do not initially set out to be business development people and yet that has become the reality of today’s business. This Business Winners Programme for the Professions provides the framework, skills and confidence to deliver challenging revenue and profit targets.

Some current business issues:

  • Professionals, managers and business owners need to win business but do not always feel comfortable dealing with customers
  • Sales techniques that seem to work for sales teams are not always appropriate for Professionals
  • Competition is increasing and Professionals need to know how to defend their client base and win new business
  • Professionals need a structured approach to client meetings and to building relationships
  • Professionals need to be able to measure progress over long business development cycles

In all businesses there is pressure to meet financial targets. Winning business and developing and retaining clients is a major responsibility. Radian Business Winners for the Professions translates the imperatives into deliverable plans.

Much more than a Training and Development Programme

Radian Business Winners™ USP’s:

  • How to develop a Marketing Strategy which will deliver your financial targets
  • How to develop a business development plan designed to defend your existing clients
  • How to create new clients in new sectors
  • How to set achievable objectives ahead of your business visits
  • How to develop skills which give confidence to win business

Radian Business Winners™ - Features and Benefits

  • Radian Twin Marketing Strategy
    • Defends your existing client base
    • Creates new business
  • Sector Marketing
    • Understand the culture of your clients
    • Become a Sector Champion
  • Comfort Zones
    • Get the confidence to move out of your comfort zone into your challenge zone
  • Effective Client Visits
    • A proven structured approach which develops relationships and wins business
  • Unique Business Proposition
    • Creating and presenting business winning proposals
  • Negotiate for Profit
    • Know how to defend bid and fee levels and secure mutually profitable business

Professionals who need to win and maintain business levels will enjoy this proven, structured approach to business development and construction management training.

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