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Managing the Business Winners

This is Radian’s acclaimed Management Programme designed to create Business Winning Strategies.

There are challenges in managing and directing Business Winners and delivering performance improvement programmes. Managers are faced with growing and maintaining the customer base with sustainable profitable revenues.

Sales Management

Some current business issues:

  • The need to develop a winning strategy which will deliver the financial targets – perhaps imperatives – of the business
  • How to integrate a Marketing Strategy with effective Sales Plans
  • Recruiting and building effective self managing teams
  • Creating a winning culture and motivated team
  • The challenge of developing appropriate management styles to manage today’s Business winners

Sales, Marketing and Business Development Managers in Industry, Services and Professions need to have a wide range of management skills. They also need to lead and energise their Business Winners, direct the Team and deliver the numbers.

Radian’s Managing the Business Winners Programme USP’s:

  • Integrated Strategic Marketing and deliverable Sales Plans
  • Designed to ‘deliver the numbers’
  • Recognises Business Winners need to be respected, coached and supported
  • Shows how to measure, monitor, coach, direct the Business Winners – measure the ROI
  • How to develop and manage the revenue pipeline and forecast future revenues
  • How to work effectively on sales trips and run effective team meetings

Managing the Business Winners - Features and Benefits

  • Radian Twin Strategy Model
    • Translates financial targets into deliverable ‘Quality Job Tasks’
  • Sector Marketing and Selling
    • Creates Sector Champions
  • ‘90 Day’ Sales Plans
    • Translates your business winning strategies into Action

Managing a Team of Business Winners is a difficult, challenging and hugely enjoyable job. The responsibility of winning business for your organisation is the top responsibility in business. Without the revenue line nothing else can happen in a business. There is no ‘bottom line’ without a ‘top line’. The men and women who lead the Business Winners are the top people. This programme develops them and keeps them at the top of their Professions.

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