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much more than a training & development programme
Much more than a Training & Development Programme
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Business Winners™ for the Sales Team

This is Radian’s Training and Development Programme for Sales Teams. The Programme provides team members with a unique range of skills. Reliable frameworks that develop confidence also develop long-term relationships with customers. The Business Winners Programme works for sales teams and business people at all levels who need to win business for their organisations.

Some current business issues:

  • Businesses need to have sustainable, profitable revenue lines
  • Today’s Professionals need a Development Programme which connects their customers, their own skills and their targets
  • The need for the Business Winners Team to be part of the Strategy for developing and retaining business
  • The need for innovative, intelligent and sensitive ways of measuring sales performance
  • The need to provide real genuine value to customers and to manage customers effectively

There is a big change in how sales teams work. We like to call them Business Winners. These are the people who win business and deliver the top line for their organisations. Attitudes and values have changed. No more hard driven selling – only hard work and committed professionals.

Much more than a Training and Development Programme

Radian Business Winners™ USP’s:

  • Customer Base Management and Strategy
    • A business development programme designed for Construction Industry specialists
    • This is a practical, deliverable programme which works in today’s business culture
    • A training programme that respects the business winner and the customer
    • A development programme which is in tune with the dynamic changing nature of construction

Radian Business Winners™ - Features and Benefits

  • Modular Programme
    • It can be designed specifically for your business or professional group
  • Strategic Selling
    • Translates financial targets into deliverable actions
  • Sector Selling
    • Recognises sector differences – creates sector champions
  • Selling by Objectives
    • How to deliver achievable yet challenging objectives
  • 90 Day Plans
    • How to create achievable, measurable, innovative sales plans
  • For more information on Business Winners for the Sales Team and Business Development in Construction please call us on 0044 (0) 1953 601515 or e-mail us at info@radiansystems.co.uk.back to the top

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